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Minecraft Edu Clubs!

Connecting real life with virtual reality fun!


Minecraft Edu is a fantastic learning resource for all ages. 
Click here to see a video of Minecraft Edu Clubs.

Children will use all the elements of Minecraft, but in a secure enclosed environment which outsiders cannot enter. This means that they will be immersed in secure customised worlds which only members of the club can access.

In this safe environment, all children will be able to extend their knowledge of coding, use advanced tools in the latest update of Minecraft Education, as they work together on a range of projects.

There will be opportunities to go deeper into the workings of Minecraft and look at more complex coding and different worlds. 

Previous experience is not necessary to join our sessions.

All equipment and logins supplied.
Sessions will feature Minecraft Projects led by KS3/4 tech leaders!

Click Metamorphosis Project - Live to see a video of Minecraft Edu being used by all classes in a school at the same time.



Minecraft Gamers
All bookings will be confirmed after payment is received.

Please note, any cancellations after booking, but before the first session are subject to a £25 admin charge. 

Please refer to our full T&Cs for more.

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